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Department of Asian Studies was founded in 1995 at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana. It represents the only academic infrastructure for a research on different aspects of Asian studies in Slovenia. The main goal of the study and research programs is the systematic multidisciplinary approach to the cultures and language of Asia (especially East Asia), which enables a critical understanding of the main cultural determinants of the regions under consideration in their social context. Since the establishment, the Department of Asian studies has gained high international reputation through its numerous research and academic activities. It organized many international symposiums and conferences, including the 14th EACS biennial conference (European Association of Chinese Studies) in 2006, the 14th EAJS triennial conference (European Association of Japanese Studies) in 2014, and the 8th EATS annual conference (European Association of Taiwan Studies) in 2011. Within the department, four research centres were established: the Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean centres, which additionally support the scientific research and pedagogical activities of the department. At the same time, the Department and the Faculty of Arts together with the Faculty of Social Sciences co-founded the East Asia Resource Library (EARL), a central repository for printed and digital resources from East Asia in Slovenia and neighbouring countries.

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