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The “Beijing Winter Olympics 2022” project is set to proceed despite the fact that the THID visit (Tsinghua Heritage Institution for Digitization) to Greece, which was scheduled to take place in January, was finally cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The project, which explores topics, such as the legacy and architecture of the ancient site of Olympia as well as the history of the Games and the Olympic Ideals, continues to stimulate the interest of the Greek Ministry of Culture, which puts emphasis on the cultural exchange between the two countries, through the contribution of exclusive digital content from Greece, home of the Olympic Games.

The above mentioned digital content includes productions covering a documentary, interactive film, animated game and an immersive exhibition for broadcasting in the Chinese media, on platforms and on site at the venue of the Games.

Educational packages for schools are also designed to introduce the Olympic Values, like Noble Rivalry, Excellence, Truce and Friendship, the meaning of the sacred Olympic Flame and the Olympic Anthem.

A new visit by the THID is scheduled to take place in the next few months.

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