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Tsinghua Heritage Institute for Digitization (THID) is an institute focusing on conservation, interpretation, presentation, digitization and communication of cultural heritage. THID has four business segments: digital heritage, conservation solutions, education & communications, and industry operation. It specializes in providing comprehensive, professional and technical services focused on cultural heritage, understanding and analyzing heritage value, conserving, presenting and disseminating heritage – all the while passing on heritage to future generations. Through academic and scientific research, THID explores the cultural resources of heritage sites, conducting innovative research and development (R&D) activities – alongside integrating technology for associated industries.
-Who we are: The “Translator, Interpreter and Communicator of History”
-What we want: Innovations of cultural consumption patterns of heritage sites
-What we do: 1) Develop innovative exhibition models for cultural relics and their interpretation; 2) Explore whole new approaches for cultural tourism at heritage sites; 3) Assist in the research and interpretation of cultural relics; 4) Provide superior heritage conservation solutions.
-Our Concept: “Let History Shine with Technology!”
-Our aim is to transmit and promote traditional Chinese culture in the best way possible today; to present the vitality, vigor, and potential & innovation of cultural heritage to present-day world; to enhance cultural heritage conservation and utilization by means of international communication and collaboration.


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